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A waste of sangria

jcmurphy -

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So I spilled sangria across my laptop keyboard. What a waste of sangria! At the same time, it turned out a sugary, sticky, wine concoction was really bad for my keyboard and trackpad. Once dried, a friend said I had a very 'crunchy' keyboard and the trackpad wouldn't click.

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Repair went well but took a bit of time. I opened the laptop, removed all of the internals and cleaned everything. Fortunately due to the backlight sealing the keyboard, minimal sangria got into the electronics areas. I removed the batteries with the help of some Undu (adhesive remover) and removed the trackpad and cleaned around it.

Since the keyboard was riveted to the chassis and the keys worked (they would just stick) I decided to buy a new keyboard, and swap the keycaps and plastic key levers. So I popped off all of the keys using a small eyeglass screwdriver and cleaned out any residue. I then popped off the keys from the spare keyboard and attached them to my laptop.

Reassembled everything and it's all good.

Mijn advies

1. There's many small screws of varying size. Be sure to note which goes where. The magnetic project map made that a snap.

2. Be sure to account for all ribbon cables. Some are small and it's easy to re-assemble the electronics and then realize one of the cables is under the main board requiring you to disassemble.

3. Undu made battery removal straightforward. Just apply around the batteries, tilt to let it run behind them, then apply spudger as a lever. Apply more Undu as batteries start to lift.

For the keycaps, the only keys that are a little tricky are the larger ones that have metal frames behind them (space, tab, etc). Some videos suggest attaching the metal frame and then attaching the key to the keyboard. I found placing the metal frame on the keyboard and then pressing the keycap down onto it (and the plastic lever) was easier.

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