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LG Spectrum 2 Blank White Screen

skyler544 -

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A few months ago I dropped my Spectrum 2 on granite tile. Needless to say, this did not amplify the device's power in any way, nor did it grant me wealth or even three wishes. I figured the screen would be busted, but lo and behold it turned right on! Or did it? The screen flashes every color of the spectrum for a moment then fades to white. Not a favorable state of affairs!

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Gear: clean, dry surface, ample lighting, small Phillips screwdriver, safe open pry tool, something to hold small parts (I used a small bowl), and powder free rubber gloves (optional, but recommended).

My unprofessional diagnosis based on several Google searches led me to believe that something inside popped loose, so I started by looking up a couple different screen replacement video guides, figuring that the problem would be obvious enough once I had the guts exposed. First I removed the back housing; there are enough tiny screws to keep you busy for a few minutes just trying to get the stubborn little guys out. Next, I went to work with the pry tool, loosening connections and finally freeing the motherboard, a cute piece about the size of a business card. Next came the lcd flex cable, glued down by a sticker on the inside of the battery compartment. I figured this would be the problem area, but to my untrained eye nothing conspicuous showed itself, so I continued by taking the mid frame out and then the display itself (ooooooh shiny!). Seeing nothing, I commenced to put the poor mutilated thing back together. My hopes had fallen by this point, but I banked on a miracle anyway. I got it all back together and turned it on, to see a familiar blank white screen. Odsblood! Fiddlesticks! Forsooth, mine own ingenuity hath come short!

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I started by asking myself what I had to lose. I had already replaced the device, and it had been sitting at the bottom of a box for months with a Droid X that seems to be generating several black holes. And the process itself was fun, though a bit nerve racking. I didn't fix anything, but neither did I make it worse, which is in some sense gratifying. If I were you though, I'd get a second opinion (a qualified one.) before diving into the deep end. In this uncharted territory, the chances are high that you will unintentionally screw the pooch.

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