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Scary but totally worth it!

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A classic story of my son dropping our Ipad immediately after taking it out of the protective case where it had lived so happily. It landed on the corner and the screen completely spider webbed. It still worked so we suffered for a little while and then only because we had won the pad as a prize, I decided it was work a little investment to get it back to health.

Mijn oplossing

I read the instructions completely for about a 30 minutes so that I could get the who repair picture in mind. I did get confused about the steps to remove the camera bracket and home button. It looked like my new part came them and it did so I was able to skip them-a very pleasant surprise and probably why this one costs a little more. I won't lie when I was freaked out at the end of the guide when it said, "to install the new screen, follow the directions backward". But after looking at the new part for a while, I decided to forge ahead. The directions worked well and I was able to get the old screen off. The reverse felt like I was free lancing but It went well up to the part where I had to "glue" the glass back on. It was at that point that I realized that I had not bought the adhesive strips and I was really bummed. I felt like I should have been told that I needed them. I then realized that I was an idiot because the adhesive was there but covered with a backing. After pulling off the backing for the adhesive, it stuck right on and I was done!

Mijn advies

Read all the instructions through first. Then read the tips. It's true that the plastic tool that you are supposed to use to start the process bends and deforms. Like most people, I used a razor blade to start. Be really aware of the bezel. Nothing was mentioned about it and that it was very thin and fragile and that in the process of removing the adhesive, you can easily snap it. I think a replacement should be included and some warning about its fragility given as well. There was also no information about the new adhesive. Should it be heated to help create a seal? Otherwise, I am super happy and so is my son. Now I wang to fix everyone of my friends broken screens!

iPad 3 Screen afbeelding
iPad 3 Screen


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