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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Camera Fix

Michael Collins -

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My Company was throwing out 2 older model BlackBerry Bold 9700s and I noticed one looked new. After further inspection, it was brand new, but was marked defective. After getting the long dead battery charged and the device wiped of all previous memory, I figured out that the camera was not working (wouldn't start in BlackBerry terms). I researched the faulty camera functionality on Google and found out that it was a widespread problem with this model. I then put my thinking cap on and booted the well-used (read: abused) 9700 and found out that its camera was functioning fine. Unfortunately, the camera on this 2nd device was about the only thing function well so I decided to put on my Dr. Frankenstein surgical gloves and transplant one functioning eye from a willing donor to my blind supermodel.

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Thanks to my handy iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit, their informative BlackBerry Bold 9700 teardown article, and a few YouTube do-it-yourselfers, I was able to save an innocent BlackBerry from early retirement.

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Ask not what your old phone can do for you; ask what it can do for another one of your old phones.

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