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So there I was, just walking along and...

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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

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Mijn probleem

I met some friends out at the local disk golf course for some Sunday fellowship. I carry a bluetooth speaker in my bag for some tunes to listen to along the way. The speaker had ran out of juice and I had switched to the phone. Well hole number ? throws over the pond bit and as luck would have it my disk landed short. Good thing here is Miley is the most awesome disk grabbing dog ever. Bad thing is the ditch that feeds the pond is still running and has a very slick surface. As I step into the ditch I slip. I employed all my Jedi ninja-Fu and managed to not fall in the ditch. One thing odd now though is I don't hear music any more. The phone that was singing so sweetly in my pocket was now silent. Poop. I bend over reach down into the ditch, fish around for a bit and sure enough. Oh hey little iPhone did you get thirst and need some water? Well as I stated it was actively playing music when it went into the drink so that wasn't good. When I got it out it wouldn't let me power it off. So that was double no good. Managed to get it out of the case still no luck in getting it to turn off. Oh well at least I'm close to home. Oh wait. No I'm not I'm in the middle of a field and still have to go grocery shopping. Well I arrive at home nearly four hours after the initial incident. I don't have the pentalobe screwdriver so I jam an x-acto knife in the bottom of this thing to get it open. Pop the back off and put it in a bag full of silica packets. Now we wait. While waiting I do some online research, go through all the manuals find out what I may or may not be in for. Two days later I take the phone out of the bag reinstall the battery and plug it into my computer. Holy wow after ten or fifteen minutes my computer finds it and backs it up to the computer. Thank Krishna my phones going to work. No, No it's not. The battery went from 4% to no % and dropped of the radar. Well let's buy another battery. On to the repair!

Mijn oplossing

I haven't let on to this point that I work at a ski area in Colorado. So we find phones of all brands a little bit of every where. I just happened to find an iPhone with the face torn off of it and a puncture wound from a snocat. We turn them in if they are still in one piece so hopefully they find their way back to the owners. This one being half gone I figured (what's the point). So I tear this one down for some pre-practice for my own phone. Get the feel for some of the technique needed to pull off such a delicate repair. Have to wait for the battery to show up any way. Delivery day. It's Saturday, I'm super impatient by this point. My wife and I need to go to town for some provisions and stop at the post office on the way. I says to the old lady "you should drive so I can put the battery in this thing and get back to life as was before the ditch". She says "You really going to put that in in a moving vehicle, along some twisty Colorado roadway"? Yep thats the plan. "Those are some really small screws" she says. Yep, I know. Stupid Y chromosome. I no sooner get the battery snapped in place and reach for the screwdriver when our car reaches the apex of one of the one hundred corners on the route in and succumbs to Newtons first law. So the phone stayed in motion till it hit the carpet on the floor, the battery stayed in motion till it reached the floor several inches ahead of the phone and the connector to the battery just stayed put. End of repair. Can't splice the battery ribbon back together. There is a lesson to be learned here somewhere. If I could just figure out what it is. ??????

Mijn advies

Oh yeah. Enlightenment I've got for days on this one. Don't try to repair your broken iPhone in a moving vehicle.

To finish this story I figure I have nothing to lose at this point so I start swapping parts from this donor phone to mine. Start with the battery from it. I actually tried this before and it didn't work but what the hey lets try it again. Nothing. Alright lets get more tech. On to the logic board. Take the one out of the donor phone pop it into mine and reinstall the battery. Plug into computer and......Thing fires right up. This logic board sat under a blanket of snow for who knows how long with the face of the phone completely missing and this one works. Well unfortunately now my phone is technically someone else's phone since the logic board IS the phone. So I still can't use the thing. At least I know. To the phone store for an upgrade. Sorry for the long winded story. That was the long way around of saying I broke the new part. But it makes me laugh so I hope someone else gets a chuckle out of it also. On a side note if any one needs help tearing down there phone in this area I'm getting pretty good at it.

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iPhone 4S Replacement Battery


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