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iPad mini 5 Toolkits

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After a few years without an update, Apple refreshed the iPad mini in March 2019. The iPad mini 5 keeps the same form factor and chassis as the previous mini tablets, but gets an updated display with Pencil support and a spec bump to Apple’s latest A12 chipset. The iPad mini 5 can be identified by the model number printed on the bottom of the rear case: A2133 for the Wi-Fi only model A2126 for the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand cellular model A2124 for the Global cellular model and A2125 for the cellular model for China.

The iPad mini 5 front glass panel is held to the aluminum case with strips of adhesive. Once the device is opened, this adhesive will need to be replaced.

Once you've bought your parts and tools, check out iFixit's iPad mini 5 repair guides for step-by-step instructions on how to make the fix.

The iPad mini 5 earned a 2 out of 10 in iFixit's repairability assessment. Watch the Teardown Review for more: