#RepairOverRoses Contest Winners

Roses are red,
Fix kits are blue.
You chose repair over roses,
And we want to thank you!

Thanks for fixing with us this Valentine’s Day. We loved seeing your repair love affairs all month long! It’s clear you love fixing—and to us, there’s nothing more romantic than that.

Heart made out of tools for the Repair over roses contestSo without further ado, here are the winners! We’ll be sending each of you a Fix the World t-shirt and an Essential Electronics Toolkit.

Hi guys at @ifixit ! This is my entry for #RepairOverRoses contest 🙂 One of my last holiday was during June last year. I was randomly selected to cross the world and attend the WWDC 17, 9.000km from my home in France. This would be my 1st time in the US and I had no money to take my sweet Lena ( @yumiii.yummy ) with me. She & I only had our phones to stay in touch with each other. Her iPhone 6 glass was broken and her battery melting like snow in the sun. I ordered a brand new battery & display and replaced them secretly the day before leaving while she was working in the other room so that she could feel a bit less far from me during those 2 weeks… Not sure that time ran fast enough while I was there but this was one of the first proofs of the intensity of my feelings. We still live together and celebrated our civil union il the late year 2017 ♥️

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And, our first place winner (who will get the special Valentine’s Fix-Box) is Christine! Congratulations, Christine!

We’ll be reaching out to the winners later today, but thank you to everyone who spread the af-fix-tion this Valentine’s Day. Seriously—we’d be lost without you!

If you want to see the rest of the submissions, search for #RepairOverRoses on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And if you’re itching to enter another giveaway—we’ll be accepting submissions for Dare to Repair until Monday, May 14th. Hop on over to the contest announcement blog for more details.

Happy fixing!