2 Galaxy Teardowns, 1 Week

Today, on The New Adventures of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: After intensively investigating Samsung’s other flagship earlier this week, we’re feeling pretty confident in our quest to tear and compare the edgier sibling. However, it looks like this Samsung’s edginess ended with its name.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 teardown comparison
S7 and S7 Edge side by side to compare and contrast: Heavy on the compare, light on the contrast.

Our voyage into the belly of the beast proves the trend of twin flagship design convergence. Reusing components and design elements between devices saves Samsung money and development time, but also dooms them to the same woeful 3-out-of-10 repairability score for both devices. Apparently, edginess is only display-deep.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge teardown highlights:

• The S7 Edge is powered by a massive 3600 mAh battery. That’s 20% more capacity than the 3000 mAh battery found in the S7, and 30% more than the 2750 mAh battery found in the iPhone 6s Plus.

• That whole “liquid cooling” thing? Not really that big of a deal. The S7 Edge’s tiny heat pipe is nigh-identical to one we removed from an S7, and should afford the same improved heat diffusion to the metal midframe.

Check out the full teardown on iFixit.com.