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The Game Is On: Repairs to Get You Gaming Again

Summer is here, and the good ol’ summer sun is in full force in our part of the country. As the temperature rises, a cool, crisp game of Tetris or a refreshing dungeon raid can help to beat the sun. But nothing kills a gaming session quicker than a broken controller or a bricked console.

Don’t fret! A few timely repairs can keep your gear running all summer long. To help, Wii (see what Wii did there?) rounded up a few repairs to give your broken gaming devices the 1-Up they need.

Nintendo Repair

Nintendo game console repair

An unmoving Mario and lifeless Link are little help in escaping the ravages of our local star. If your old Nintendo system is collecting dust in your attic, check out our repair guides for the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and Nintendo Game Cube.  Maybe you’ve had a recent accident with your Wii Remote. Check out our repair guides for the Wii and Wii U, and get your Nintendo Console back into the game.

Xbox Repair

Xbox game console repair

Just like you, gaming systems tend to shut down when they overheat. If your Xbox has X-pired, take some time to get your console running again. Most Xbox 360 owners know of gaming’s most infamous overheating issue, the Red Ring of Death. Did you know that it’s often repairable? Resurrect your ailing 360 with our Red Ring of Death repair. While you’re at it, try fixing that Xbox 360 CD drive that’s been acting up. You can also help your Xbox One beat the heat with our fan replacement guide.

Playstation Repair

Playstation game console repair

While waiting for the grill to heat up, you can make sure your new Sony system doesn’t—fix your PlayStation 4 fan. Heat and time can take their toll on your PS3. See if the Yellow Light of Death repair can give your PlayStation 3 an extra life. If your gaming sessions seem to have gone out of control, go ahead and replace the battery in your DualShock 4, or check out some repair guides for other Sony controllers.

Nintendo, Sony, and Nvidia Shield Handheld Console Repair

GameBoy color game console repair

Sometimes that summer sun is irresistible. For those dedicated gamers who want to commune with nature, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your handheld system is in good working order.  Nvidia Shield fans can can cool their hot little hands with a fan replacement guide. In case your Game Boy Color has a cracked case, a few kind college students have made this Game Boy Color repair guide. Sony fans longing to game outdoors can try their hands at a PSP motherboard replacement.

Don’t let your broken gaming devices stop the summer fun. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your console, you can read through the troubleshooting page for your system or check out our Answers Forum for help from the community.  Pick a spot in the shade, level up your repair skills, and game-on!