Apple Watch Teardown

Update: Check the publish date. This was our April Fools prank. We’ll tear down the real Apple Watch just as soon as we get one. So, you know, stay tuned and all that jazz.

Hey guys, it’s time. Everyone said it was impossible, but we managed to get our hands on an Apple Watch. We didn’t waste a second before tearing it down. We chose the least expensive Watch variation and were pleasantly surprised by what we found inside.

The hype does not disappoint. The watch is a masterwork of utilitarianism and high fashion, keeping with Marc Newson’s legacy of timepiece craftsmanship. Truly, Apple’s crowning achievement.

We were concerned with repairability and device longevity, but our fears were quickly relieved. The device is easily repaired by a trained technician—and we expect the battery life to exceed expectations.

Apple Watch April Fools teardown

Join us as we discover how this revolutionary device ticks.

Highlights from the teardown: 

We’re still awaiting metallurgical analysis for the chassis—whatever it’s made out of, it is truly gorgeous.

Removing the crown.

Separating the internal components.