iFixit Gift Guide: Our Best Black Friday Bundle Deals

Bad-Ass Tools for any gamer, DIY enthusiast, or tinkerer on your gift list.

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Spend this holiday season celebrating a world of repair. 2022 has been a banner year for fixers. Repair is more mainstream than ever. Organizations like Repair Café are boosting local communities and sharing knowledge around the globe. And thanks to industry giants like Apple, Samsung, and Valve providing repair guides and parts, fixing has never been more accessible. 

What better year to give the gift of repair? And this Fixmas the gifts you buy keep on giving! We’re donating a dollar to Repair Café for every one of our holiday bundles sold. We’ll keep providing tools to Repair Cafés, but this season is your opportunity to be a repair hero, too!

No batteries needed, a lifetime guarantee, and exacting quality standards means our tools stand the test of time. No Christmas morning struggles, broken bits, or the shame of regifting a barely-used specialty gadget. Things will always need to be fixed, and these tools will outlast this year’s hot tech, guaranteed—plus they’re cheaper than a pair of disposable AirPods, too. 

But which kit should you buy? We’ve got so many tools, and your loved ones have so many gadgets to fix and projects to tackle. Our gift guide goes over our top offerings this year; read along and you can decide which holiday bundle is the right fit. Like a precision-machined bit, there’s the perfect one for every problem, let us help you find it.

By the way, every bundle has a quick TL;DR (too long, didn’t read), in case you’re in a hurry—don’t worry, orders placed before December 16th are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas!

PS: Don’t forget domestic US orders $65+ ship free with code CELEBRATE from November 21st to December 16th.

The Best Tools for Gamers

Gamers and fixing go hand in hand. Whether it’s building your first PC rig or getting your virtual gear back up to 100%, repair is integral to the gaming experience. Get your gamer some real world tools and watch their world expand.

The Gamer Bundle is the Legendary Drop of tool kits. With two screwdrivers for dual-wielding, this kit covers the gamut of intricate handhelds, laptops, and robust desktop maintenance. Of course, like any fight, you’ll need an arsenal for most tech repair. That means prying tools to get you into the case so you can use those drivers, plus an anti-static brush to clean hard to reach dust and grime. No more grinding fan noise, no more overheating, and no risk of electrostatic discharge.

Look, gamers and their rigs can be very particular. And instead of trying to win the graphics card lottery, or guess the game they want on Steam, give the gift of repair. Let them connect with their tech and install the RAM they need or refresh that thermal paste. If there’s one thing gamers love it’s a quest and an achievement unlocked.

As a bonus, add a sweet keycap to their mechanical keyboard, no lootbox required. Every bundle comes with a custom iFixit keycap to make their PC the envy of the neighborhood—these are site exclusive and a great way to reskin any setup.

Gamer Bundle Key Features

  • The bits to fix everything from Steam Decks to PC desktops
  • Two drivers make for the right tool for almost any job
  • Prying tools to get into stubborn tech, plus a brush to clean it out
  • Free Mechanical keyboard reskin with custom keycap—no lootbox purchase required!

The Best Toolkit for Adventurers, Travelers, and Those On the Go

What’s in your backpack, purse, or bag? How much of that is tech that might need fixing? How awesome is it to be prepared and have just the thing you need, when you need it? Well, we’ve got a pitch for your everyday carry: our Minnow Driver Kit bundle. 

The Everyday Carry Bundle is the perfect combo of compact and convenience. This mini screwdriver kit holds the most common tools needed for tech repair, all in one place and small enough to fit in a pocket. Whether it’s tightening up eyeglasses screws or prying a quarter from a vending machine, our Everyday Carry Bundle is a jack-of-all trades and will make you a master of enough to be useful without weighing you down. Being prepared feels great, but having the tools to help someone out while backpacking (or just doing some local cider-tasting) is one of the best feelings in the world. Meet the perfect toolkit for mobile repair.

Celebrate repair this season, and rejoice in a well-organized kit. We’re including a premium storage pouch to organize your tools in your larger bags, and adding a bonus pack strap for securing your gear. Tie your tools down to mountain bikes, motorcycles, or heck, even your skydiving gear, and be secure in the knowledge that you’re ready for just about anything. Oh, and snap us a photo of your tools in the wild, we’d love to see our kits having fun travels!

Everyday Carry Bundle Key Features

  • Ultra-portable precision screwdriver kit with sleek case
  • Bonus iFixit staple: the spudger
  • A handy pouch to keep your tools organized in your everyday carry
  • Bonus strap for all your containing needs
  • The most portable kit without skimping on functionality

The Best Tools for DIY, College Dorm Room, and Home Repair Heroes

Whether you’ve got a to-fix list as long as your arm, or you’re hoping to encourage a loved one to tackle some repairs themselves, we’ve got the must-have home repair kit for every kitchen drawer: The DIYer Bundle is here to help.

While our precision 4 mm drivers are great for the itty-bitty screws inside phones, sometimes you need a little extra heft—with no compromise on accuracy. That’s where the Mahi driver comes in. A powerful ¼” driver and specially selected set of bits will help your loved ones breeze through squeaky cabinet doors, loose pot handles, and apartment decorating.

For everything else, there’s heavy duty prying and poking tools, and a brush to tackle that burnt toast smell from fallen crumbs. For parents hoping to instill a little more independence, stay-at-home moms looking for solutions to everyday headaches, and the just-in-case types, this bundle is the answer to your Christmas wishes.

DIYer Bundle Key Features

  • Beefy screwdriver and ¼” bits for home appliance and electrical repair
  • Jimmy and heavy duty spudger for poking, prying, and scraping
  • Anti-Static brush to clean fans, motors, and toast crumbs
  • Perfect to send with your college student, new home owner, or to keep in the junk drawer for future repairs

The Best Toolkit for Newbies and Aspiring Fixers

All these toolkits sound a little intimidating? Ease your loved ones into repair with the beginner-friendly Electronics Repair Bundle. At iFixit our goal is to teach everyone to fix everything, and that means having tools for every skill level. We also believe that the only thing standing between people and almost every repair is knowledge, so let us convince you that everyone needs a toolkit, and everyone can learn to fix.

As a culture, we’ve gotten pretty good at taking care of our cars, and even our bikes. We know that tires wear out and oil needs to be replaced. We’ve also got oodles of options for getting those done: local mechanics, dealerships, even bike kitchens. Tech manufacturers have done a good job convincing us that they are the only option—and worse, that tech just isn’t fixable, buy new instead. This is the kind of mentality the Essential Electronics toolkit was built to combat.

With a smart selection of screwdriver bits, a lightweight handle, and a solid spread of prying tools, this tool kit is your perfect intro to fixing. The opening tools inspire you to take a crack at that grimy remote control seam. The bits help you start noticing all the screws in your gear and appliances. We’re here to tell you that, just like your car, your phone can be detailed and serviced. Is your charging cable hit or miss these days? Use the Precision Cleaning Kit to scrub out the port. Still no good? Grab a guide and a screwdriver, you could be due for a new battery. The repair world is suddenly your oyster.

Give the gift of confidence, the ability to face the fear of repair, and fix anyway. Keeping our tech alive is worth celebrating, and this essential bundle will treat you right.

Electronics Repair Bundle Key Features

  • The perfect beginner’s toolkit with all the basics you need
  • New precision cleaning kit for charging ports, corroded contacts, and more
  • Guide-maker favorite: the iFlex to help you carve into the most stubborn tech
  • Just enough to get you started, without patronizing you

Top iFixit Sale: The Best All-Around Toolkit

You’ve been waiting for this bundle all year, and here it is! Our best-selling, holiday exclusive bundle is back. The Pro Tech Bundle has long been a fixer fav, and it’s hard to top this comprehensive repair duo—but we have!

The Pro Tech is the ultimate portable electronics repair tool kit—everything you need for most repairs, and nothing extraneous to pad it out for appearance’s sake. This is the kit that has torn down generations of iPhone, it powers our electronics guide-making team, and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty to boot. 64 precision bits, a 4mm machined aluminum driver, and a magnetized polymer case are the centerpiece of the Pro Tech roll and this Fixmas bundle. Supporting characters include scratch-safe plastic prying tools, an electrostatic discharge safety strap, and tweezers for tiny techy components. 

Where to put those tiny bits and screws? Skip the egg carton and ice-cube trays—an efficient repair needs a Magnetic Mat. Use our gridded, rewritable, magnetized project mat to record every step of the way and keep a grip on teeny screws. There’s not much worse than finding screws left over at the end of the repair—well, maybe finding out you’re missing a piece—so make sure your repair gets finished and finished well. An organized repair is a successful one!

What more could you ask for than the best tools and the perfect way to track your repair? How about a handy, inspirational bottle opener, just for fun? We’d love to buy you a nice cup of something to celebrate your victory, but logistically, that might be a little tough. So we settled on shipping out a bottle opener so you can crack open a beverage of your choice. Cheers, to a repair well-done! 

Pro Tech Bundle Key Features

  • iFixit’s best selling toolkit, and our most-sold, holiday exclusive bundle!
  • All the precision tools for electronics repair in a handy tool roll
  • Includes the repair-organizing must-have: the Magnetic Mat
  • Bonus magnetic bottle opener for post-repair celebration