They Came, They Saw, They Fixed

“Fixing is a way of thinking,” say James Carrigan and Daniel Charny, founders of Fixperts. A new social project based in the U.K., Fixperts has taken fixing to another level in only a matter of months. And we love it.

Fixperts office

Fixperts opened their doors just last September with a pilot idea: Designers, called Fixperts, go out and find ways to improve people’s lives. It’s simple—and it works.

Individuals, called Fixpartners, share certain problems they face on a daily basis—anything from a broken violin case or trouble putting on jewelry to feeding the neighborhood cats. Then the Fixperts go back to their studios and come up with innovative designs to improve the quality of that individual’s experience.

Does your grandmother have a hard time reading the crossword puzzle? Do you and your neighbor want to send goodies to each other through your apartment windows? How about a floating garden in your cramped studio? Well, the Fixperts are interested in designing fantastic solutions.

This is a young project with a big mission: “We want everyone in the world to feel that they can fix stuff and solve problems. We believe that the design process applied to small fixing challenges has the potential to give people the insight and confidence to find solutions for themselves and others.”

As an organization that practices repair, we couldn’t be happier to see other fixers making their world better, one project at a time.

Some of our favorite Fixpert fixes: