Bring Out the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s Detailed Insides with Wallpapers (X-Ray, Too)

We were more than a little impressed when we opened up the Galaxy Z Fold 2 last week. While our repair-minded souls felt the presence of all that adhesive, and the effort needed to get the battery and screen out, we could still appreciate how much more polished, or maybe just finished, the new Fold felt.

Samsung rethought many aspects of the Fold’s design, taking more cues from the Z Flip than the original, somewhat doomed Fold. The Z Fold 2 has a more modular design, larger batteries, and a simpler, but likely more effective, hinge design.

If you’re ready to make the flip to a Z Fold 2, we think you should get to enjoy all the work Samsung put into your unique slab of hardware. In particular, you should check out our X-ray wallpapers, courtesy of the X-ray wizards at Creative Electron. While the standard wallpapers—in Mystic Bronze and all-metal versions, darkened and regular—give you an idea of what’s happening, the X-ray shots go deep, especially around the hinges. There is a lot going on in there.

To use these images as your wallpaper, click them to open a full-size version, then save that photo to your phone (usually by long-pressing the image and selecting a save/download option). Long-press on an empty part of your home screen, choose “Wallpapers,” then select what you’ve downloaded.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Internals

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Internals (Darkened)

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Internals, “Mystic Bronze”

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Internals, “Mystic Bronze” (Darkened)

Galaxy Z Fold 2 X-Ray

Galaxy Z Fold 2 X-Ray, Darkened

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