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Ten of Our Favorite Instagram Repair Photos from 2019

2019 has been an exciting year at iFixit! Lots of people tagged us in pictures of their repairs on Instagram—these are some of our favorite fixes we saw this year.

We started the year with our I’m a Genius campaign to remind people that they don’t have to rely on the Genius Bar or the Geek Squad to fix their stuff—all they need is the right tools. We asked you for your own “Genius” stories, and fixers all over the world shared their repair tips and stories, inspiring others to take up a screwdriver!

We saw lots of love this year for our flagship repair toolkit, the Pro Tech Toolkit. All its tools and bits make it perfect not only for electronics repair, but pretty much any little fix you need to do—and it photographs pretty well, too…

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Scalpel, please…

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The Pro Tech tackled lots of repairs, from video game controllers…

…to suitcases

…and even remarkably intricate-looking sewing machines!

We published lots of teardowns this year, but we also received lots of user-submitted teardowns—like this pretty headphone teardown:

Our tools inspired fixers everywhere to fix the world…

…and gave us a reminder about why we do what we do.

Along with cool photos, makers and fixers shared encouragement and inspiring stories about their repairs:

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✖︎ Let’s fix this ✖︎ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📌 Today : new week, new goals, new problems, new solutions . HEY! . It’s monday, time to set up some goals for the week and be productive . I am almost done with the #JavaScript30 course by @wesbos and I am planning to buy his ES6 course really soon . Recently, my MacBook Pro Retina had some issues with its battery . When I use it without the charger, the power is going up and down very erratically . So I decided it was time to change the battery (which has been changed in 2016 by the way when it was still covered by my Apple Care) . Since my MBPr is too old (it’s an early 2013) Apple does not provide any service anymore and you have to find a Premium Reseller in order to get any replacement . 💪 Guess what? I will do it by myself . I am quite used to get my hands into hardware however this battery is going to be a bit rebellious since it is glued to the chassis . 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will have to be very careful and try not to f*ck everything up hahaha . Are you guys interested in a little timelapse-ish video of me doing the battery replacement? .
👩🏻‍💻 Have you ever done something like that with your laptop? I’m curious to know – – – #buildupdevs #buildtheweb #peoplewhocode #macbookpro #codingbootcamp #programming #webdevelopment #programmer #womenintech #discoverunder2k #girlwhocode #webdeveloper #100daysofcode #setupinspiration #techlifestyle #javascript #girlbosslife #diy #minimalsetups #designyourworkspace

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And let’s not forget our favorite fixer of 2019:

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No one: Me:

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Keep tagging us in all of your 2020 projects and repairs on Instagram and Twitter! Use the hashtags #iFixit and #FixerFriday for a chance to be featured on our weekly Fixer Friday Instagram story. Happy fixing and happy New Year!