Hang out with iFixit

Between spreading the word about why repair matters and tearing down all the coolest devices, we’re pretty busy here at iFixit. And this fall, we’re especially busy. In the coming months, our CEO Kyle Wiens will be roaming the world to talk about our mission at iFixit and Dozuki: teach people how to do real world things.

iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens speaking about sustainable design

If Kyle happens to be in your area, come down and hang out with iFixit! He’s always happy to chat about repair, teardowns, and technical writing.

Here’s where we’ll be lurking in the coming months:

Sept. 27: Open Hardware Summit – New York City

The Open Hardware Summit draws attention to the rapidly growing open source hardware movement. We’ll be wandering around the conference all day. Kyle’s going to do an iPhone teardown and talk about how Apple’s design decisions affect repairability. He’ll also present a poster on our technical documentation company, Dozuki, which makes it easy for open hardware companies to build a community around their content. The summit is currently sold out, but if you’re attending, drop by and chat with us!

Sept. 29-30: World Maker Faire in NY – New York Hall of Science, Queens

Since we’re going to be in the New York area, we thought we’d drop by our favorite DIY-centric event, Maker Faire. A showcase of innovation in technology, craft, science, fashion, and art, Maker Faire celebrates creativity and quirkiness. Kyle will be hanging out at the booth of our friends-in-repair, The Fixers Collective. Oh, and he’ll also be handing out copies of our swanky Self-Repair Manifesto.

Oct. 4: Best Practices in Management & Stewardship of Used Electronics – Washington, DC

Following up on Kyle’s testimony during the International Trade Commission hearing on e-waste, iFixit is working to help set global policy. On Oct. 4, Kyle will be speaking on sustainable design and its connection to the growing e-waste problem. Best Practices in Management & Stewardship of Used Electronics is a one-day, Transatlantic Business-Government Conference aimed at advancing transatlantic understanding of best practices for materials management through the full life cycle of electronic goods. Unfortunately, it’s not a public conference—but we wanted to let you know that government policymakers are listening and—with your continued support—we can make the world a more repairable place.

Oct. 6: SLOCUE Connects – Nipomo, CA

iFixit is finally headed back home to California’s Central Coast where Kyle will keynote a conference sponsored by San Luis Obispo County Computer-Using Educators. There will be lots of sessions about how to deploy technology in the classroom. Plus, Kyle and the iFixit team will be doing a mini-teardown! Tickets to the event are still available. Find out more here.

Oct. 9-10: LavaCon and The Content Strategy Workshop – Portland, Oregon

We’ll be wandering around the LavaCon Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies, talking to people about our guide creation software, Dozuki. Kyle will also be interviewed by Scott Abel as part of The Content Strategy Workshop at 8:00 a.m., Oct. 10 in a session entitled, “The Content Wrangler Interviews: Re-imagining the Book and Why The World Needs Fixers.”

Oct. 17-19: Localization World – Seattle, Washington

Kyle will lead off a panel at Localization World, entitled “Mobile and Global” on Oct. 18, at 2:30 in the afternoon. Kyle’s discussion will focus on how broken gadgets can unite people around the world. So, how do you localize 10,000 repair manuals with no translation budget? Come and hear about iFixit’s travels and travails with crowdsourcing and machine translation.

Oct. 18-20: ReuseConex – Portland, Oregon

Kyle will be a keynote speaker at ReuseConex’s annual International Reuse Conference & Expo on Friday, Oct. 19 at 9:25 in the morning. Kyle will talk about how reuse entrepreneurs are making a difference in communities around the world. When we share repair knowledge, we all have more power over what happens to our stuff. Learn more about Kyle’s talk here.

Oct. 23-25: The TCworld and Tekom Fair – Wiesbaden, Germany

Kyle is heading across the Atlantic for the largest global event on technical communication, The TCworld and Tekom Fair. While there, he’ll talk about our visual-instructions platform Dozuki, why manuals are still important, and how to keep them relevant in the digital age. Learn more about what Kyle is doing at the conference here, and be sure to drop in and chat if you just happen to be in Germany this October.