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How to Get Back On the Bicycle Repair Saddle

Spring has fully sprung in the northern hemisphere, and the warm air and sunshine are perfect for bike riding. Many of you may just be breaking out your bikes again from winter storage. And after sitting in your garage for six months, your bike could probably use a tune-up.

bicycle repair for bike month

Of course, on California’s Central Coast, we’re blessed with beautiful weather year-round—so bicyclists are out and about all the time (Side note: why does it sound like I’m bragging whenever I describe this town? Just one of the many reasons it’s great to work for iFixit). Yet even if, like me, you never put your bike away, you might appreciate a bike maintenance primer.

So in honor of bike month and warmer weather, here’s a basic bike maintenance video from the London Bike Kitchen. They produced the video in partnership with 10:10, an organization dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint by 10% each year. The video is from a 10:10 UK blog post, part of the site’s month-long repair series.

Want more bike tips? Check out our basic bicycle troubleshooting wiki and our awesome user-submitted Specialized Expedition repair guide, including a great general tire-patch guide. We’re working to build more comprehensive bicycle repair guides on iFixit—if you’re interested in helping out, let us know.