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OpenID Support

Are you one of those people that can never remember your password? Well, so are we. Keeping track of passwords on every different site is a hassle, and we feel your pain. We just added support for OpenID login! OpenID is an increasingly popular way to log in to sites like iFixit without having to create a new account. Instead, you log in using an account that you already have somewhere else— like Google. You don’t even have to give us a password! Just hit the ‘Sign in with Google’ link instead of creating an account.

OpenID login page

If you’re already logged in with Gmail, you won’t have enter any login information. The first time you click our ‘Sign in with Google’ link, Google will ask you if we’re legit. From then on, clicking the link will automatically log you in.

OpenID confirmation page
OpenID confirmation (please don’t email JimBob!)

We’re testing the waters with Google, but we’re planning on expanding to support more login options. What OpenID providers would you like us to support? Here’s the shortlist of providers that we’re considering:

Leave a comment and let us know what your vote is. Note: Facebook uses a proprietary, non-OpenID-compatible login mechanism, so we don’t have plans to support them.

Already have an account with us, but want to switch to using OpenID to log in? It’s easy if you use Gmail. Go to your profile and change your email address to your Gmail address, then log out. The next time you log in, use OpenID. We’ll automatically associate your old account for you. Easy!