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Pin Punch Hoofdafbeelding

Pin Punch

A punch that is flat on the end.

Type Part # Supplier URL
1.0 mm BERG-6745G-100 Otto Frei
1.1 mm MSA10503-110 Otto Frei
1/16" 565A Starrett

A pin punch is a tool which is used to insert or remove pins. Pin punches are normally used with a pin punch holder.

Shown in the image is a 1.1 mm pin punch. The wide diameter part is the shank, while the small diameter part is the pin. This punch comes with a 10.5 mm pin, which for some high-pressure installations of pins is too long: the pin bends when pressure is applied. You can always cut the pin down. I cut mine down to 1/4" or so, since my application requires a force of about 1/2 ton or so.


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