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Arbor press Hoofdafbeelding

Arbor press

Type Part # Supplier URL
1/2 Ton 2444A61 McMaster-Carr
1 Ton 3552 Harbor Freight
1 Ton 146701 Northern Tool
1/2 Ton G4017 Grizzly

An arbor press is a device which provides constant pressure, and is generally used for installing and extracting press-fit pins, or for riveting. The ram is the part which presses downwards. Arbor presses can be powered by hand or by compressed air. Some arbor presses have a removable base plate with machined openings which support parts.

When buying an arbor press, it is important to know how much space you want to have between the ram and the base. This is the clearance or the working height. The amount of space between the ram and the back of the working space is the throat.


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