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  • Hey remember that Face ID feature? In an unusual turn of events, we actually tested it before we tore the phone down. Turns out our IR-enabled video camera isn't fast enough to snag the dot pattern, but we can see the illumination alright!

  • History time: way back in the day, Microsoft made a nifty spatial sensor called the Kinect. The infrared dot matrix tech powering it was created by Israeli tech company PrimeSense.

  • Apple bought PrimeSense for a cool $360 million way back in 2013, and has surely invested hundreds of millions more since then bringing this to market.

  • Meanwhile, Microsoft was left in the lurch and had to scramble to develop a new sensing system for the Kinect 2. Perhaps now that the iPhone has a depth sensor, people will attach it to drones, too!

你还记得Face ID技术吗?事实上我们在拆解工作开始前就已经尝试了它,我们的红外线摄像机帧数不足以拍摄下扫描时的点阵,但我们可以看见用于照明的灯光!



与此同时,微软陷入了困境之中,其不得不开发出一个新的传感系统用于Kinect 2。而现在iPhone有了深感传感器,说不定有人会把它装在无人机上!

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