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      Stap 1 — Determine the size of the lock cylinder

      Open the door and look at the lock on the door fold. Here is located under the locking lug (latch) on the fold the screw.

      Stap 2 — Remove door handle and square

      Now you need to remove the door handle to remove the attached or individually inserted square. This runs through the entire door thickness, the lock and the fittings and moves over the handle of the lock. Often the fittings have to be unscrewed for its removal. So if necessary solve theirs

      Stap 3 — Remove mortise lock

      Once the square has been removed, loosen the two screws at the top and bottom of the lock - they are back on the door rebate side. Now you can pull out the lock and take it as a sample to buy a new one.

      Stap 4 — Plug in new lock

      The installation of the new lock is exactly like the removal - only in reverse order. You first put the new lock back into the milling on the edge and fix it with the upper and lower screws.

      Stap 5 — Mount protective fittings

      Now, if necessary, mount the removed fittings and put the square or, depending on the manufacturer, the pusher together with the square. Next fix it, if necessary, over the small Allen screw on the bottom of the pusher and test briefly whether the square is turning when pressed.

      Stap 6 — Tighten set screw

      Now set the cylinder in the correct direction according to the values determined before removal, test all functions and finally tighten the set screw. If you also replace the door fittings, they often require other holes, but they can be easily made using a drilling template.Already make your choice

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