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And bringing up the rear:
  • And bringing up the rear:

  • Broadcom BCM4345 5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 controller

  • Broadcom BCM47531A1—likely similar to the BCM4752 GNSS controller

  • NXP 54802 NFC controller

  • Skyworks SKY78117, SKY78114, and SKY78113 SkyOne front-end modules for WCDMA/LTE and FDD/TDD LTE

Ed ecco che cosa c'è dietro:

Controller 5G Wi-Fi e Bluetooth 4.0 Broadcom BCM4345

Broadcom BCM47531A1—probabilmente simile al controller di navigazione GNSS BCM4752

Controller NFC NXP 54802

Moduli front-end per WCDMA/LTE e FD/TDE LTE Skyworks Skyone SKY78117, SKY78114 e SKY78113

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