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That's all to this drinkable lightsaber!
  • That's all to this drinkable lightsaber!

  • Inuru, the company behind these limited-edition bottles, hopes to usher in a new era of smart labels with this technology.

  • Though they claim to use eco-friendly materials, we can't help but cringe at the e-waste implications of products like this going mainstream. To put it one way: This is not the future we're looking for.

  • We cannot deny, however, that this is a very cool bottle. How does it score on our repairability scale, you ask?

  • Hmmm.... Ponder on it, we must.



尽管他们声称使用的是环保材料,但我们不禁对这种成为主流的产品所产生的电子垃圾产生恐惧。 简而言之,这不是我们要寻找的未来。

但是,我们不能否认这是一个非常酷的瓶子。 如果您问,它在我们的可维修性等级上如何得分?


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