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Strong SRT 32HY4003 Thermal Shut-off workaround with additional FAN


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      Stap 1 — Preparation and analysis

      Remove the 10 screws on the back cover

      Stap 2 — Attempts to no avail...

      First Approach: I renewed thermal grease between chip and heat sink (heat sink is soldered to mainboard and has to be desoldered before) Result: after resoldering with new grease problem seemed to have even worsened. 50degC and shut-off was reached definitely faster - even without rear cover

      Stap 3 — Active cooling with a fan

      Active cooling needs power supply. In "upper center" of the board is a 12V DC power connector (CNP2) that could easily be used. But this is always on - even in standby. I don't want to have the fan rotating also in standby - makes noise, wastes energy and reduces FAN lifetime

      Stap 4 — Fan selection

      As I used 5volts I first tried a notebook fan (with integrated heatsink around). it took about 150mA and was rather noisy

      Stap 5 — Fan implementation

      With selected FAN I used the TV's original heatsink again. FAN housing fits flawlessly over the heatsink and inside the TV's rear housing. First trials I did with tape(photo), later I glued the FAN housing with hot glue to the mainboard.

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