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  1. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne, Verwijder de pentalobe schroeven: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Ontlaad je iPhone, voordat je begint, tot onder de 25%. Een geladen lithium-ion batterij kan in brand vliegen en/of exploderen als deze per ongeluk wordt doorboord.

    • Schakel je iPhone uit voordat je begint deze uit elkaar te halen.

    • Verwijder de twee 3.5 mm pentalobe schroeven aan de onderkant van de iPhone.

    • Het openen van het scherm van de iPhone zal de waterdichte sluiting van de telefoon aantasten. Zorg dat je vervangende sluitingen klaar hebt liggen voordat je verdergaat of zorg ervoor dat je telefoon niet wordt blootgesteld aan water als je ervoor kiest de sluitingen niet te vervangen.

    just how long are those screws- i turn and turn and turn and the lift off is soooo slight, seemingly insignificant…

    An. Jahnke - Antwoord

    I would recommend, from the very beginning, dumping all tools out of the kit (if you got it) and using that white paper tool box as a tray to organize the screws and braces in. It’s nice to work over because it catches screws well and makes it easy to see them if you drop any.

    Johnny Emrica - Antwoord

    That’s a great idea thank you

    Mohamed Dekkiche -

    Screw to the left of the charging port will not come out. Screw on the right came out no problem. Any ideas?

    Bill Maher - Antwoord

  2. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne, Verwarm het scherm: stap 2, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Het verwarmen van de onderkant van de iPhone helpt de lijm, die het scherm op z'n plek houdt, te verzachten, wat het makkelijker maakt om de telefoon te openen.

    • Gebruik een föhn of een warmtepistool, of prepareer een iOpener en leg deze op de onderkant van de iPhone gedurende ongeveer 90 seconden om zo de lijm die eronder zit te verzachten.

    No hair dryer so GENTLY heated over stove burner

    John Toth - Antwoord


    What temperature is suitable for removing the front display ? I bought i-Fixit ProTech which is not include the heating "roller" . Thanks for help

    Jiří Sítko - Antwoord

    Ich habe eine heiße Wärmflasche verwendet. Das hat gut funktioniert :-)

    Moritz Hartges - Antwoord

    I laid my phone face-down on my 3D printer’s heated bed, and set the temperature to 60 C. After a few minutes, it was ready to loosen.

    Nate B - Antwoord

    If you don’t have an “iOpener” or heat gun, try using an electric heating pad. I have a small $11 pad I got at CVS for my knee. On medium heat it worked fine for removal and with the “pennies” for setting the new seal.

    Pete P - Antwoord

    I used a heated tea kettle and a tea towel, it worked!

    Adam Yavner - Antwoord

    I put on the furnace vent for 10 minutes to get it warm to the touch but not hot.

    terrelldoc - Antwoord

    I attached it to the after burner of my rocket ship and that worked.

    Matt Brown - Antwoord

    I'm holding mine just above an erupting volcano but I'm still waiting to see if it has worked. How long does it need?

    Paul Aron - Antwoord

  3. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne, Haal het scherm los: stap 3, afbeelding 1 van 2 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne, Haal het scherm los: stap 3, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Druk een zuignap op de onderste helft van het voorste paneel, net boven de thuisknop.

    • Zorg dat de zuignap niet overlapt met de thuisknop, aangezien dit ervoor zal zorgen dat de zuignap zich niet vast kan zuigen aan het scherm.

    • Als je scherm gebarsten is, kun je het beplakken met een laag doorzichtige tape zodat de zuignap zich wél vast kan zuigen. Als alternatief kun je de tape ook gebruiken in plaats van de zuignap. Als het alsnog niet lukt, kun je de zuignap aan het scherm vastlijmen met behulp van secondelijm.

    Even with using high heat from a blow dryer, I had to put the suction cup over the home button or the bottom edge wouldn’t lift at all. That waterproof adhesive is incredibly strong.

    Aaron Soderholm - Antwoord

    As others have said, this part really stinks, but it’ll work if you keep trying. Agree with multiple rounds of hair dryer on high (did about 60-90s each time), and with having to out the suction cup over the home button. You don’t need a big gap to pry it open - it’ll be slight …

    Johnny Emrica - Antwoord

    Patience is the key here. Expletives and patience. Like previous comments say, putting the suction cup over the home button (I used packing tape to maintain the seal) will allow you to apply force to the proper location to separate the screen. Good luck!

    J Rawlinson - Antwoord

    Get a suction cup pliers. It’ll make this part fun

    Bradley Steiner - Antwoord

    iSclack EVO opened the iPhone easily even without heating with no fear of accidentally over-opening it like with a simple suction cup.

    Matti Haveri - Antwoord

  4. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 4, afbeelding 1 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 4, afbeelding 2 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 4, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Trek de zuignap omhoog met een stevige, constante kracht om zo een kleine opening tussen het voorste paneel en de achterste behuizing te creëren.

    • Steek een openingsplectrum een aantal millimeter diep in de opening.

    • De waterdichte lijm die het scherm op z'n plek houdt is erg sterk; het creëren van de opening kan dus heel wat kracht vereisen. Als je moeite hebt met het openen van de telefoon, dien dan meer warmte toe en wiebel het scherm op en neer om de lijm te verzachten totdat de opening groot genoeg is voor je tool.

    The screen on my phone was so broken, a suction cup did not work, so I softened the adhesive with a blow dryer and used a Jimmy to carefully pry open the phone from the bottom just enough to slip a pick in.

    charguy - Antwoord

    Just completed a smashed screen replacement, this is probably the most time consuming part. Used packing tape to cover the screen to help create a suction surface (had to replace it a couple times because it pulls away after a purple good pulls ) Used consistent heat for about 5 minutes, then stuck a pick in the tiniest opening… and pry pry pry!

    Brian Gill - Antwoord

    I failed at this step. No amount of heating, pulling, and rocking opened up enough of a gap to slip in even a knife let alone the blue plastic tool. That's with a phone that has an undamaged screen - just trying to replace the battery. Apple won this round :(

    Michael Sherman - Antwoord

    Be really careful here. I placed a sucker to the front and rear to help lever off the screen. However, the whole thing came away much easier than I anticipated and I ripped the front part completely away from the rear, tearing all three connector cables. New iPhone required.

    Chris Wood - Antwoord

    Note that the opening pick they show here does not appear to come with the kit, which is a bummer! The plunger, the mini blue crowbar thing, these are too thick. I ended up using a really thin guitar pick.

    Johnny Emrica - Antwoord

    Following careful methods can mostly preserve the seal and reusable. Won’t be as water tight but probably still pretty good.

    Bottom edge is pull up with suction + separating tool. Use small precision scissor to cut any tape that gets overly stretched upon initial opening.

    - For the 2 long edges, use an exacto knife to separate the seal from the screen. This keeps the tape on the chassis. Go slow along the long sides. Becareful to avoid scratching the paint on underside of the screen’s edge.

    - Top corners have a thick sealed tape. Best to just use separating tool to twist it open.

    In summary, top and bottom edge use separating tool. Side long edges can use exacto knife to gradually gently separate the seal from underside of the screen’s edge.

    Howard - Antwoord

    4 picks and an exacto knife, plus 45 minutes later, I finally got it to open! Thanks tor the tip!

    Cat - Antwoord

    Intact screen, check. Tool kit, check. Hair dryer hot enough to make the phone too hot to touch, check. Following all instructions, check. Screen still in place and refusing to come off, check.

    I heated, reheated, pulled and pulled. I simply could not get it off. Worked at it for an hour and a half, and I’m not a small guy. Yes it is hard to hold, but could get a grip. Just could not get it to budge. Off to the iPhone repair shop tomorrow. Anybody want to buy a repair kit and replacement battery?

    Jim Meyers - Antwoord

    After struggling for 30m, I looked up some alternate methods and found this helpful:

    - I used a utility knife and pried up right under the home button

    - the angle matters! I was trying to go too far down before going in. The top surface of the phone is rather thin, so you go in after barely getting under the chassis lip

    - tilt utility knife left to right once you’ve got it under to work it in

    - leave the utility knife in, and now add that pick

    Jared Wilk - Antwoord

    Pro-tip: don't be an idiot like me. Instead, remove the screen protector you have on the phone before applying the suction cups. Derp.

    hunter.geofizz - Antwoord

    I struggled with a hair dryer at first and a singular suction cup. However, I tried putting packing tape on the spot where I put the suction job (even though my screen isn't cracked) and I was able to do it first try with ease. Definitely recommend packing tape.

    Alessio Toniolo - Antwoord

    Suction cup pliers. Dead easy

    Bradley Steiner - Antwoord

  5. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 5, afbeelding 1 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 5, afbeelding 2 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 5, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Schuif je openingsplectrum langs de linkerkant van de telefoon omhoog, beginnend bij de onderkant en in de richting van de volumeknoppen en de stilteknop, en snijd onderweg alle lijm door die het scherm op z'n plek houdt.

    • Stop in de buurt van de linker bovenhoek van het scherm.

    • Probeer de bovenkant van het scherm niet los te wrikken van de achterste behuizing, aangezien deze wordt vastgehouden door middel van plastic klemmen die kunnen breken.

    My Plektrum worked ok, but the edges broke off a bit towards the end - Antwoord

  6. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 6, afbeelding 1 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 6, afbeelding 2 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 6, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Steek je openingsplectrum opnieuw in de rechter onderhoek van de iPhone en schuif deze nu langs de rechterzijkant omhoog. Snijd ook hier alle lijm door die je onderweg tegenkomt.

    • Schuif de plectrum niet te ver in de telefoon, aangezien je hiermee de schermkabels, die aan deze kant van de telefoon liggen, kunt beschadigen. Steek je plectrum slechts een aantal millimeters in de telefoon, ongeveer zo ver als het schermframe breed is.

  7. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 7, afbeelding 1 van 2 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 7, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Trek met beleid aan de zuignap om zo de onderkant van het scherm op te tillen.

    • Til het scherm niet meer dan 15º omhoog of je riskeert het afklemmen of afscheuren van de lintkabels die het scherm verbinden.

    • Trek aan het kleine lipje op de zuignap om deze van het voorste paneel te kunnen verwijderen.

  8. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 8, afbeelding 1 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 8, afbeelding 2 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 8, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Steek een openingsplectrum onder het scherm en schuif deze langs de linker onderhoek en linkerzijde omhoog om de laatste lijm door te snijden.

    I did end up using just a smidge of IFIXIT adhesive remover along the edge before opening and that seemed to really help

    Karen Flowers - Antwoord

    I have been using the pointed tweezers to pull the adhesive strands apart and out as the display comes off.

    Adam Yavner - Antwoord

  9. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 9, afbeelding 1 van 2 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 9, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Schuif de schermmodule een beetje omlaag (weg van de bovenkant van de telefoon) om deze los te krijgen uit de klemmen die het scherm aan de achterste behuizing bevestigen.

  10. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 10, afbeelding 1 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 10, afbeelding 2 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 10, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Open de iPhone door het scherm van de linkerkant naar rechts te kantelen, alsof je de achterste kaft van een boek opent.

    • Probeer het scherm nog niet volledig los te koppelen, aangezien deze nog steeds aan het logic board van de iPhone verbonden is met een aantal kwetsbare lintkabels.

    • Om het scherm open te houden en aan de telefoon te kunnen werken, kun je het scherm tegen een object laten leunen.

    Nach RECHTS klappen - nicht nach links!

    Manfred Wachtel - Antwoord

    Als ich das Flachbandkabel auf der rechten Seite sah, hab ich mich auch gefragt, ob die das mit nach Links klappen ernst meinen, und das „Buch“ lieber auf japanische Art nach rechts aufgeklappt. Das sollte dringend in der Anleitung korrigiert werden!

    Sebastian Plickert - Antwoord

    “Up from the left” means lift up the left side.

    Which is the same as folding to the right.

    “Like the back cover of a book” explains it even more clearly.

    Maybe it gets lost in translation?

    Nick Shtangey -

    Fold to THE RIGHT - not to the left!

    Jim Glenys - Antwoord

    When I saw the ribbon cable on the right side, I also wondered if they were serious about folding it to the left, and the "book" would rather be opened to the right in the Japanese way.This should be corrected urgently in the manual!

    Jim Glenys - Antwoord

    Hi Jim, the display opens from the left side, toward the right side. It should look like the back cover of a book. Hope this helps. Good luck with the repair!

    Adam O'Camb -

    • Verwijder de vier Phillips-schroeven die het plaatje van de onderste schermkabel aan het logic board bevestigen, met de volgende lengtes:

    • Twee 1.3 mm schroeven

    • Twee 2.8 mm schroeven

    • Zorg dat je, tijdens deze reparatie, bijhoudt welke schroef waarvandaan komt, zodat je deze op de juiste plek weer terug kan schroeven. Een schroef op de verkeerde plek kan leiden tot permanente schade.

    • Verwijder het plaatje.

    Not Y000 this time haha

    Easy Repair - Antwoord

    can same length screws mixed up?

    Brook布魯克 - Antwoord

    It is not ideal, but possible for these screws.

    Arthur Shi -

    using the repair kit i purchased with my screen replacement, i am currently having issues removing these screws with the PH000. please help

    Mark Ordaz - Antwoord

    I was too, thankfully I had another set that contained the PH00 bit, that worked great for me.

    William Mitchell -

    Ok. My screw is stuck. How do I remove it? Philips head is stripped.

    Kristina Graham - Antwoord

    Solved it myself. Firm pressure did the trick.

    Kristina Graham -

    Takes a little pressure with the Philips head

    John Toth - Antwoord

    Upon this step, I noticed I had no bracket or screws. I had my screen replaced previously and I’m disappointed to find out the repairperson made no effort to replace these parts. I’ll start trusting myself more to do my own repairs.

    O D - Antwoord

    took me awhile to figure out I needed to use PHOO bit for the 2 -1.3 screws

    Karen Flowers - Antwoord

    It is important to keep careful track of the screws' position. Have a tidy workplace -- a few times when I tried to re-attach the very tiny screws with the tweezer, they slipped and flew away and I almost lost them.

    Matti Haveri - Antwoord

  11. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 12, afbeelding 1 van 2 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 12, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Gebruik de punt van een spudger om de batterijaansluitinguit het contact op het logic board omhoog te duwen.

    • Buig de kabel van de batterijaansluiting voorzichtig weg van het logic board om te voorkomen dat deze per ongeluk contact maakt met het contact en de telefoon inschakelt tijdens de reparatie.

    Make sure you pry the battery connector off from the right hand side as shown in the picture. Theres a delicate component on the logicboard near the battery connector called a Mosfet which is linked to the battery charging software. If you knock it off accidently you’ll loose battery charging and the phone will boot loop and youll need to have it re-soldered back on.

    Gareth - Antwoord

    I can confirm this as I learned my lesson by unknowingly prying the mosfet off. The phone will not charge now and is useless. I really wish they would add a note about this on Step 12 as a warning.

    Jeff -

    So this is it. You don’t have to go any further removing the screen. You can replace the battery right from this point.

    John M - Antwoord

    I wish I saw this comment 2 hours ago

    Kenneth Moore -

    If I have to repeat this, I'd also consider removing replacing the battery at this point. The loose display must be then carefully fixed so the connectors don't break. And then it is not possible to re-attach the waterproof seal.

    The waterproof seal was included in the kit, but there were no instructions for it so I now skipped that. I later found YouTube video which seems to describe it (starting at 7:40):

    Matti Haveri -

    This is where I broke my phone, a phone that was working quite well, paid for in full. Just because I had a cracked screen. Be super careful when connecting the cables. I was in a hurry and not paying attention, used too much force when re-connecting and broke those teeny little pins that could not be repaired. A tech tried for an hour to no avail. cautionary tale. Good luck

    Karen Flowers - Antwoord

    The display ribbon is a certain length and allows for some give, but behind it is hidden the Home button/TouchID ribbon, which sits against what amounts to a razor blade. This ribbon is much more taut than the display one, and therefore you have far less freedom of movement than you think you do. This is absolutely an intentional trap to discourage replacing your own battery. Quite frankly, it’s despicable.

    Anyway, so beware of that, because although I was very careful and did not even swing the screen very far (not more than 90°), the Home button ribbon tore and now needs to be serviced. Home button is disabled now.

    Apple should be ashamed of themselves for this. Please do look at the legislation effort that people are doing to try to get this kind of sabotage illegal, as well as all sorts of other gimmicks they pull. For a company that makes phenomenal products, they’re controlling like an abusive spouse.

    Dan Knight

    daniel - Antwoord

    That happened to me and I could not figure out how it got broken. It's the home button and fingerprint reader.

    But I'm not bothering to get it fixed and I'm not replacing the entire screen. I went into system prefs/accessibility and activated the on-screen home button. Oh, well.

    robin -

    I cannot get the new battery reconnected to the connection port. Any tips/tricks? New and old battery connections appear similar. It wasn't difficult to disconnect to old battery.

    Robert Ast - Antwoord

    Some reports here seem to indicate that the battery must be the very last connector to re-connect because otherwise there might be malfunction in some display components?

    It wasn't difficult to disconnect to old battery. But the most difficult part for me was to get the new battery reconnected to the connection port. I tried many times to carefully position and press it down with my fingertip or the flat end of the spudger but it did not hold its position. Maybe I pressed too weak because I was afraid breaking the connector and the mosfet above (?) it. But finally to my surprise it connected (at that point I temporarily booted the iPhone with the loose display to verify that the battery was connected). Whew, it succeeded!

    Matti Haveri - Antwoord

  12. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne, Koppel het scherm en de digitizer los: stap 13, afbeelding 1 van 2 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne, Koppel het scherm en de digitizer los: stap 13, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Gebruik de punt van een spudger om de onderste schermaansluiting uit het contact omhoog te duwen.

    • Om drukaansluitingen zoals deze weer aan te sluiten, positioneer je deze totdat op z'n plek lijkt te zitten en duw je één kant van de aansluiting omlaag tot deze vastklikt, om vervolgens hetzelfde te doen aan de andere kant. Druk niet op het midden, want als de aansluiting verkeerd zit, zul je de pinnen buigen en zo schade veroorzaken.

  13. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 14, afbeelding 1 van 2 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 14, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Gebruik de punt van een spudger om de tweede van de onderste schermkabels los te koppelen.

  14. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 15, afbeelding 1 van 2 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 15, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Verwijder de drie 1.3 mm lange Phillips schroeven die het plaatje op de aansluiting van de sensormodule in het voorste paneel bevestigen.

    • Verwijder het plaatje.

    If you are replacing the adhesive liner, the remaining release liner strips will interfere with the two outer screws. I had to cut a working section out of the liner at each location and move it aside with the spudger.

    Thomas Tritt - Antwoord

    This part is throwing me for a loop. Having difficulty finding the read head for these screws. Is it the same size as the two small 1.3mm screws in step 12?

    Jared Hensley - Antwoord

    ended up getting it with the PH000, I must of just been rushing it.

    Jared Hensley - Antwoord

    My bracket looks different and none of the screw heads I have fits.

    Ray Rushing - Antwoord

    Mine too? Any help?

    George Waller -

    These screws did not stick to the magnetic screwdriver. Extremely difficult to get them back in place - but with some patience i succeeded :)

    Niklas Brammer - Antwoord

  15. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 16, afbeelding 1 van 2 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 16, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Gebruik de punt van een spudger om de aansluiting van de sensormodule in het voorste paneel los te koppelen.

  16. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne, Verwijder de schermmodule: stap 17, afbeelding 1 van 1

    Hi ifixit, if you find my method dangerous, please remove it.

    After Step 17, I skipped Step 18 to Step 28.

    At Step 29, I lifted up the four adhesive black pull-tabs to expose the white adhesive side. Next, I use hot air gun and blow on the back cover of the iphone for about a minute (maybe a hairdryer will work too) .

    Warning: Don't overheat the iPhone, or you may accidentally ignite the battery.

    I think the temperature was around 60 DegC.

    Extreme Caution: Do Not overheat. I use my hand to gauge the hotness. Careful not to burn yourself or the board.

    I was able to pull out all the white adhesive tapes easily as the adhesive soften.

    DO NOT TRY this method if you are a novice or inexperience! I am not responsible if you hurt yourself or damage your iphone!

    John - Antwoord

    Hey John! I’m glad the repair worked out for you!

    From our research, applying heat does soften the adhesive strips, but it also causes them to lose structural integrity and break more easily. That’s why we normally suggest using heat after the strips are already broken. Removing the Taptic Engine definitely takes a few extra steps, but we feel that it gives fixers the best chance of pulling out the adhesive strips intact.

    Arthur Shi -

    I agree with John, skip 18 through 27. These are to make it easier to remove the battery adhesive. I replaced the batteries on two IPhone 8s. The first one I did all that stuff and the adhesive still broken and I had to carefully pry the battery out anyway. When I reassembled the phone the Home button no longer worked. Looking it up, this is apparently fairly common due to all the fragile wires involved in these steps. The second I skipped these steps and when I reassembled it everything worked fine. Not one of the eight (both phones) adhesive strips came out properly. I fully drained the batteries before doing the repairs. By the way, I use the virtual home button on the one phone, it’s a little annoying, but the phone is still usable if you’re not ready to shell out for a new phone.

    Gary Berman -

    I also skipped removing the Taptic Engine. I could only half-way pull the lower battery tapes and completely the upper tapes after carefully prying them loose with the tweezer. I then used a hair-dryer for a minute to warm the battery and the other side of the phone (I used my other hand to make sure I did not apply too much heat. Make sure you do not blow the tiny loose screws away with the hair dryer!) and then slowly lifted the upper battery somewhat with the Opening pics tool, then re-heated the lower remaining tapes and quite easily lifted the battery out.

    I had bought two-sided tape to reconnect the battery but it had the tapes pre-installed (I wonder if it is necessary to tape the battery at all?).

    Matti Haveri -

    I also skipped these steps. I won’t say it was entirely successful - two of the four adhesive strips broke and could not be grabbed with tweezers. But I had gotten most of the adhesive out already and the battery was quite loose, so I used a warmer under the phone, then gently slid a flat plastic blade under one end of the battery and slowly worked it up the phone. (Dental floss would have been safer-don’t do what I did, kids!)

    Matt D - Antwoord

    Likely can skip step 18-28 and all the risks. Battery tape is relatively removable by the following method

    - use a tweezer to pull up a corner of each tape. Then use fingers to peel back all the black tab on top of battery

    - use 2 hands. Index and thumb on both. Pull about 1/4” with one hand, hold the tension and pull 1/4” with the other hand. Alternate, go slow. Pull out all 4 tape completely. I think the pause after each 1/4” while holding the stretched tape firmly prevents the tape from over stretching to become too thin and break.

    - Don’t apply heat, I would guess that makes tape softer and break easier.

    Have tried other methods and failed in the past. Pulling too fast (tape will snap) or use a tweezer to twist/roll (sharp edges will cut tape) Anyway, just use index/thumb on both hands and alternately pull slowly

    I did do 2 iPhone 8 battery change this way. One removed all tape without breaking. Another broken all 4 tape after about 1/3 pulled so likely some factory assembly differeces.

    Howard - Antwoord

    I second this, this method works well in most cases. Removing the haptics helps to keep the angle low and pulling the tape as straight as possible

    Hein Blöd -

    Howards method for removing the adhesive works like a charm. The only addition I made was to slightly warm the back of the iphone on a rice pack (used for sore neck muscles—haha). Going back and forth between hands is really crucial. While on hand gives a gentle pull, the other holds the phone from moving. Slow back and forth. Thanks.

    Lynn Thomas - Antwoord

  17. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne, Verwijder de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 18, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Verwijder de drie schroeven die het plaatje naast de trilmotor bevestigen:

    • Eén 1.3 mm Y000 schroef

    • Eén 2.7 mm Phillips schroef

    • Eén 2.9 mm Phillips schroef

    My phone had Phillips screws in all three places, so I did not need the Y000 screwdriver bit.

    Daryl Maunder - Antwoord

    I don’t see the point in steps 18-27 if we’re only changing the battery. I pulled out the sticky tape with taptic and all this other jazz still intact. Am I missing something? Reconnecting that taptic connection cost me 5 years off my life, needlessly.

    William Mitchell - Antwoord

    Hey William!

    We instruct people to remove the Taptic Engine in order to minimize the chance that the battery adhesive will tear when you try to pull it out. The steep angle you have to pull the adhesive with the Taptic Engine installed dramatically increases the chance that the adhesive will break under the battery.

    Arthur Shi -

    since the sticky tape will usually tear anyway and it is no big deal, I agree stop at this point and take the battery out. Too many things can go wrong removing more screws and connecting/disconnecting all the connectors. Go to video instructions at this point. Wish I did.

    Bob McCall - Antwoord

    My tape tore away and now my home button does not work, which from what I see is to do with the tapic engine. It seems to be more dangerous to do that than to use heat and pry the battery out (which I had to do anyway). You should at least put in an warning/option for users.

    Gary Berman - Antwoord

    Hi Gary,

    The Home button connector is not related to the Taptic Engine and should not be affected by anything close to the battery adhesive. I would suggest carefully disconnecting and reconnecting the screen connectors, and make sure that there is no debris on the contacts. Be sure to disconnect the battery before you do this, or you will risk damaging the screen.

    Arthur Shi -

    Glad I stopped and watched the video at this point and skipped this step. Totally unnecessary, I used the iopener and heated the back of the phone before removing the battery with a pick and “ifixit card” came out easily. Not my first battery replacement.

    Rick Collins - Antwoord

    Kompletter bullshit!! Im Video wird es anders gezeigt und die Schritte 18-27 werden komplett ausgelassen. Ist auch viel besser so, da so das Risiko, dass man die Taptic Engine schrottet, wie es mir jetzt beim ausbauen passiert ist, einfach nicht vorhanden ist. Ich kann auch nicht nachvollziehen, warum man in einer schriftlichen Anleitung zum Akku Wechsel komplett andere Schritte schildert als im Video. An der Stelle hat iFixit deutlich versagt. Ein Haufen Splasher…

    Maximilian Ament - Antwoord

    Hallo Maximilian, du hast Recht, im Video wird die kürzere Methode gezeigt. Der Ausbau des Akkus ist für viele Menschen jedoch sehr schwer, wenn die Taptic Engine noch verbaut ist. Deshalb empfiehlt die Anleitung den Ausbau der Taptic Engine.

    Fabian Neidhardt -

    I can’t get the 2.7mm screw to tighten down the bracket.. not sure what i did wrong? the 2.9 will tighten in either place but the 2.7mm wont tighten anywhere.

    cb brooks - Antwoord

    Kann es sein das dieser Schritt falsch ist? Ich habe einen Y000 Schraubendreher aus dem Iphone 7 Set. Der passt aber nicht bei der roten Schraube.

    Sebastian Dechent - Antwoord

    The new part I received had two Phillips screws, so when you're doing the reverse, you may need to remove the screws from the new part before putting the old screws in, everything fit together otherwise

    Ronald Mitchev - Antwoord

    I really hope you guys not to skip these steps. it is really hard to pull out string with taptic engine. 4 of 3 strings were cutted when I treid to detach batteries with taptic engine. So, I really recommend you to get rid of taptic engine before you start this step. But if you skipped and strings are cutted, there is a way. Use hair dryer 90 secs as maximum hot behind the battries and detach the batteries. It worked to me.

    Min Su Kang - Antwoord

  18. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 19, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Verwijder het paneel.

  19. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 20, afbeelding 1 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 20, afbeelding 2 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 20, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Schuif je openingsplectrum op voorzichtige wijze tussen de flexkabel van de antenne en de bovenkant van de speaker.

    • Dit deel van de flexkabel is lichtjes vastgelijmd. Gebruik, indien nodig, wat warmte van een iOpener of een föhn om de lijm te verzachten. Dit zorgt ervoor dat het makkelijker is om de flexkabel op een veilige manier los te maken (en te herbevestigen).

  20. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 21, afbeelding 1 van 2 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 21, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Gebruik de punt van een spudger om de flexkabel van de diversiteitsantenne van het logic board omhoog te duwen en los te koppelen.

  21. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 22, afbeelding 1 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 22, afbeelding 2 van 3 iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 22, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Schuif een openingsplectrum onder de flexkabel van de antenne om het contact laag te houden.

    • Gebruik de punt van je spudger om de flexkabel van de antenne uit het contact omhoog te duwen en los te koppelen, waarbij je je openingsplectrum kunt gebruiken om het contact eronder te houden.

    • Het opnieuw verbinden van deze kabel kan lastig zijn. Je kunt het jezelf makkelijker maken door een pincet te gebruiken om de aansluiting zo in een lijn te brengen met het contact en deze vervolgens met je spudger naar beneden te duwen totdat deze vastklikt.

    Don’t worry if the socket lifts up a bit as you get it out. You’ll need to lift it up later (Step 25) so don’t push it back into place yet.

    Daryl Maunder - Antwoord

    Every instruction online (including your YouTube video) leaves the Taptic Engine in place. This added step did not help with battery replacement, and led to an hour of frustration trying to get the connector back in place.

    jgrsf - Antwoord

    I noticed the same thing and wondered if it was necessary. Thanks

    Laura Bernal -

    Yeah, I broke the connector off of my taptic engine trying to get it to reconnect to the lighting connector plate….freaking nightmare with that and the co-axe wifi connector……..I now have a working phone without haptics

    dave -

    I agree jgrsf

    Bob McCall - Antwoord

    I was glad I had the Taptic Engine removed when I failed to remove the battery adhesives. It leaves more room to work around the battery.

    Alexandre Deloffre - Antwoord

    I agree. And when reassembling the wifi antenna, I connected the two plugs first, which worked fine, and only after that stuck the antenna back to its sticky place.

    dl7utx -

    I was following this for replacing the loud speaker. I found that during reconnecting the antenna flex, I slightly rocked the taptic connector and it came lose. I was frustrated because my pre-close up test had everything working, then I shut it down, made sure everything was connected and put it all together (including a bang-on job on the display adhesive!!) and wham - no taptic responses.

    Just finishing reseating it, fought with the antenna flex, then ensured the taptic connector was seated properly underneath. All good now.

    Bill Shannon - Antwoord

    i cant get the small screw to tighten to hold the bracket in place. it just spins. the 2.7mm screw that is supposed to go into the lower left bottom. the 2.9mm screw that goes in lower right bottom will also snug down on lower left. I somehow messed up the hole I guess. can i use an extra 2.9mm instead of 2.7 mm ? if i can find one ? thank you

    cb brooks - Antwoord

  22. iPhone 8 Vervanging van de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne: stap 23, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Verwijder de Wi-Fi diversiteitsantenne.


Om je toestel weer in elkaar te zetten, volg je deze instructies in omgekeerde volgorde. Vergeet hierbij niet de lijm rondom het scherm weer aan te brengen voordat je je scherm weer installeert.

Breng je e-afval naar een R2 of e-Stewards gecertificeerde recycler.

Ging je reparatie niet zoals gepland? Check dan onze iPhone 8 antwoordencommunity voor hulp bij het oplossen van je probleem.

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Hello, The power of my iphone 8 plus other products is lower than the mains and wifi. When I dismantle the product in question, there is no change. Which product should change. The reason is that when I hold the top part of the phone the wifi and mains power is falling more and more.

kenany123456 - Antwoord

the two Phillips screws securing the bracket above the Taptic Engine won’t come out what do I do?

donnell wright - Antwoord

Hi Donnell,

Are the screws stripped or stuck? If they’re stripped, you can try some tips here.

Arthur Shi -

I’ve tested all networks on a phone without this antenna and it seems to work just fine.

What does the absence of this part actually entail?

Smeargle - Antwoord

The diversity antenna is basically an additional antenna which helps improve the Wi-Fi reliability and quality. Wireless functions should work without it, but this additional antenna can help in congested urban environments.

Arthur Shi -

Can someone please tell me what the connector is that the wifi diversity antenna plugs into by the taptic engine, as I have a phone in parts and it is missing that connector so my wifi diversity antenna has nothing to plug into. I am guessing the person I bought it off of lost it or broke it.

Doug - Antwoord

Hi Doug,

That connector connects to the lightning connector assembly, as seen here.

Arthur Shi -

How does wifi diversity antenna plug affect home button? I accidentally ripped the connector that connects to logic board that is right underneath the battery connector but now my home button is not working. How does wifi antenna affect that?

Sujan Lama - Antwoord

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