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这是一个非常复杂和有限度的指导去更换iphone6显示屏的盖玻片。 如果你正在寻找一个更简单的指南,请到official iFixit iPhone 6 screen replacement guide

    • 按照视频步骤操作来更换你 iPhone 6 的屏幕玻璃。

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Alex Sander

Lid sinds: 28-02-17

34.507 Reputatie

203 handleidingen geschreven

I was definitely interested in this repair, but after watching the first minute of the video, I could see the person was unscrewing something, but since I couldn’t see in the phone based on the angle and tell what he was doing, it wasn’t very helpful. Oh well, maybe I can find a video somewhere else or just get it done at a local shop.

Devin Evensky - Antwoord

I agree with Devin, the angle that the camera is facing isn’t showing everything the person does. Someone like me looks at this and has to tell my customers I can’t fix it because I don’t know all the steps. I’ve used plenty of guides in the past and they all had steps (not a video) with pictures of the screws they’re messing circled with different colors to identify different lengths of the screw. Maybe the author should consider doing this. Even if he takes a video and snags pictures from that and detail everything he does. Then include the vid if he wants.

Sam Ransford - Antwoord

Terrible angle. Loads of screws and unclear bits being pulled from hidden camera shielded areas. I wouldn’t attempt it from that fid

Tryta Feexit - Antwoord

Please remove this video and repost your high quality still shots. It makes iFixit look bad.

mitchaabrams - Antwoord

Regardless of the angle of the video, this process is way too difficult without specialized equipment.

mujzjiggy2k1 - Antwoord

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