The iHome iH3L has two speakers which provide sound for its radio and iPod playback. This guide will help you remove the speakers so that you can replace damaged ones.


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  1. Locate all screws on the back of the iHome. Each screw can be located by the arrows on the iHome.
    • Locate all screws on the back of the iHome. Each screw can be located by the arrows on the iHome.

      • Two Countersunk 9.7 mm Phillips #2 screws in the middle.

      • Two 15.9 mm Phillips #2 screws.

      • Six 13.9 mm Phillips #2 screws.

    • Some screws are located under the black sticky pads. Gently remove the black sticky pads and it will expose the screws.

      • Two 11.8 mm Phillips #2 screws.

  2. Remove all screws indicated in the previous step.
    • Remove all screws indicated in the previous step.

    • Slowly tilt the bottom cover of the iHome up.

    • Do not yank the cover off, there is a wire connecting the cover to the circuit board.

    • Disconnect the wire just by pulling on the connector gently.

    • Disconnect the next connector pin after slowly opening the lid more.

    • Disconnect the final connector pin series and carefully set your lid behind the body of the iHome.

    • The tiny speaker will not be disconnected for this repair, but you can easily remove it from the lid by means of a paperclip from the outside. While not necessary, this can help prevent damage to your device.

    • Remove the seven screws that are holding the motherboard in place:

      • Six 14 mm Phillips #2 screws.

      • One 14 mm Phillips #2 screw with two rubber washers on it.

    • To remove the motherboard, gently lift up from opposite sides.

    • Be careful when lifting the motherboard. There are wires still connected to it on the backside.

    • Carefully tilt the motherboard up from the front.

    • Disconnect the 8 connections by gently pulling on them. Starting from the front and work your way backwards.

      • All 8 connectors disconnected.

    • Unscrew the screws holding the speakers onto the body. One on each side:

      • Two 14.3 mm Phillips #2 screws.

    • To remove the speakers from the iHome, gently lift up the back of the speaker and pull towards you. These are very secure so minor shaking may help release the speaker.

    • Repeat for the other side.

    • Be careful yanking on them, the speakers are connected together.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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