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The large cylindrical object on the right side of the board is the flash capacitor.

WARNING: The flash capacitor may carry high voltage, that may persist for hours or even days after the camera has been switched off and/or the battery has been removed.

Touching the circuit board while the capacitor still holds its charge may result in a painful electric shock that you will long remember.

To make the board safe to work on, short out the two marked terminals with a capacitor discharge tool or the blade of a screwdriver or similar implement (with an insulated handle!) You might have to use moderate pressure to punch through the white goop that covers one of the terminals.

There might be little sparks and/or an audible pop. Be careful not to short other solder connections nearby.

Use a multimeter to check that dangerous voltage is no longer present before you proceed.

Unsolder all of the wires on the top of the logic board.

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