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Now it's time to remove the palm rest/touchpad panel.

Using the Philips screwdriver, remove all visible screws in the metal panel where the keyboard used to be. These are all the same size, so don't worry about mixing them up.

Next, take a pick (or similar thin piece of plastic) around the edge below the panel. You'll want to stay above the USB, VGA and other sockets. Here, we open up the dozen or so click connections that keep the panel in place.

Now only the touchpad and status LED cables hold the panel to the base - remove these from the sockets in the base.

CAREFUL: The metal panel has some thermal paste for the CPU and what I assume to be the on-board graphics. I believe that it is safe not to reapply this, but don't touch it either. Both of these are on the right-hand side.

Do not try to remove the metal panel from the plastic panel, as this will end in tears and a keyboard that's set too deep in the base when you reassemble.

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