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Bewerken van stap 8 —

Waarschuwing: Je bewerkt een vooraf vereiste handleiding. Alle wijzigingen die je hierin maakt, beïnvloeden alle 7 handleidingen die deze stap bevatten.

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Remove the following 15 screws:

One 4.4 mm black Phillips screw to the right of the ram slot.

Eight 4.7 mm silver T6 Torx screws securing the logic board to the lower case.

If you leave the five uppermost orange screws in place, the heatsink/pipes come out effortlessly, still mounted onto the main board. That way its thermal connection is retained, and you won't need to reapply thermal paste as instructed two steps below.

One 6.2 mm black T6 Torx screw on the right side of the left fan.

Five 9.4 mm silver T6 Torx screws securing the left and right fans.

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