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Add more flux (Jessa quote)

Avoid leaving any exposed wire after the solder contact - this can and will touch other components and **** up the device. Check the first picture: I am leaving all the extra tinned section of the wire to be cut off later. Even now there is an empty pad slightly too close for my liking (circled in red).

Carefully solder the jumper into place, holding it with tweezers. Don't worry about the length of the jumper yet.

In the second picture, a solder bridge has formed, due to too much solder used. I believe this is a good example of failed soldering, of what can happen if you're not careful. But, in this case, the bridging didn't matter (check the first pic to see why) so I just let it be.

The pad that was already a little bit too close now got way too close, and I ended up wiggling a piece of tape as insulation in between the jumper wire and the pad after cleaning the area of flux.

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