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If you have decided to fix a flex cable, you must have a good plan where to attach jumpers from and where they will lead to. Good jumper points are for example the sides of SMD components, or broader areas of the trace. I have circled a few potential points for jumpers for different traces in the picture, so that you get the general idea.

You must understand the concept of jumpers to successfully make a jumper on the flex. The wire has to be insulated, or you will end up with strange connections and damage. Enameled copper wire is something I personally use a lot, or sometimes pieces of scrap flex cable (more difficult).

Look for as much free space as possible for the jumper points to avoid knocking over SMD components with your soldering iron. It is also possible to accidentally burn or desolder a component, so I would advice to favor the free, empty pads for jumpers.

Keep in mind the routing of the flex cable inside the device to avoid placing solder and jumpers where there isnt room for them.

Avoid using hot air, this can burn and warp the flex. You must do most of this by hand soldering using an iron, so previous SMT experience and a microscope are a MUST.

See the next steps of the guide before cutting your jumper to get the general idea of what kind of a jumper you're looking to make.

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