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Sometimes solving the problem can be way simpler than anticipated, and therefore you must exclude the obvious problems, such as pocket lint in the holes at the bottom of the phone, where the microphone picks up the air pressure changes that the phone interprets as sound.

So, check the holes at the bottom, and you might save yourself a lot of work. I have had this help for one of my customer's phone before. If this helped you, great! If not - which it usually doesn't - don't worry.

Depending on the device in question, there can be washers, grounding pieces, or even plastic covers above or between parts that should be checked and then re-checked if you have previously replaced something inside the device. If not, it is possible that replacing the part, for example the microphone, might help.

Keep in mind, that without the proper know-how, precision, and patience, you can do more harm than good to your electronic device if you try replacing things on your own. Always exclude the simple problems and software problems first before jumping to conclusions and replacing a part.

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