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Install three AA batteries in the battery compartment.

Upon inserting the final battery, the four LEDs should start flashing in a clockwise pattern. Congratulations, you did it!

To play the game, follow these instructions:

Remove one of the batteries. Then, reinsert the battery while holding the Level 2 button for no sound or the Level 1 button for sound. Release the button a couple seconds after the battery is inserted. The game will eventually power off on its own. To wake it up to play, press either the Level 1 button to play with sound, or the Level 2 button to play without sound.

As the LEDs blink in a clockwise rotation, press one of the four buttons to select the level of difficulty (printed above or below the buttons).

After selecting your level, the game begins. It is a typical Simon Says-like memory game. The LEDs will flash one light, then you have to click that button. Then it will flash two lights and you have to click those two buttons in order.

The game progresses until you mess up the pattern or take too long to respond.

Have fun! And be sure to tell us all about your high scores in our Story section.

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