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Carefully remove all twenty screws from the external laptop case.

Remove the eight Phillips PM2.5x5.0 screws from both hard drive compartments, and place them on the diagram.

Note:If a screw is too tight, use pliers for additional grip and torque.

Carefully place all screws in the correct spot on the diagram. Many screws are different sizes and lengths. It is extremely important that all screws go back into the same screw hole they came out of during re-assembly.

The screw sizes and types are: Phillips PM2.0x4.0, PM2.5x5.0, PM3.0x4.0, PM 2.5x7.0, PM 2.5x3.0, PM 2.5x9.0, PM 2.0x2.0, and PM 2.0x7.0.

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