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The motherboard of the IIsi.

CPU is a Motorola 68030 at 20mhz. The CPU can easily be clocked at 25 or 30Mhz by replacing the tin can oscillator to the right of the CPU with ones of a higher value. The system can have a FPU via the PDS to Nubus Adapter.

System Chipset, designed by apple and made by VLSI. Condensed version of the IIci system logic.

Serial Controllers for the LocalTalk ports.

Apple Sound Chip (ASC), custom design by apple. It uses the same sound controller as the LC and Classic. These are the first computers with built in sound input!

AMD 53C80 SCSI Controller

SIWM (Super Integrated Wozniak Machine) controls floppy and power functions.

100 ns soldered on RAM

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