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Check if the junction is hot enough. Without removing the iron, begin feeding solder into the junction between the tab and the pad. If the iron is on one side of the tab, feed the solder from the other side (as depicted).

Applying solder directly to the iron may appear sufficient, but will result in a cold joint. Always apply solder to a junction, not directly to the iron.

Smoke is a normal occurrence, and is safe to breath (but obviously not in a prolonged setting). The smoke is due to the rosin flux core burning off. It contains no additional toxins.

If solder melts immediately upon contact, the junction is hot enough!

If solder only partially melts, or does not melt at all, more time is required to heat up the junction.

Apply a generous amount of solder to the junction. The resulting solder joint should be shiny and appear as shown. If this is not the case, lay the iron back on the pad and reflow the joint until the solder liquifies again.

Tin the tip of the iron and then return it to its stand.

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