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Samsung and Fujitsu chips are identical to the DSi:

Samsung 1st generation MoviNAND KMAPF0000M: 256 MB NAND Flash and MMC controller. The integrated MMC controller allows the CPU to offload the complex work of directly talking to the flash memory.

82DBS08164D-70L: Fujitsu Ltd 128-bit FCRAM (fast-cycle RAM) chip.

TI (TXN) 72071B0 power managing and charging circuit. This used to be a Mitsumi chip in the smaller DSi.

PAIC3005B: We assume it stands for Primary Antenna Interface Controller, given that it's located right by the antenna.

Primary Nintendo ARM CPU, manufactured the last week of 2009. This chip's markings are identical to the DSi. It's definitely not the Tegra chip that had been rumored.

Here's a couple of large photos of the front and back of the logic board. Warning for 56K users: we mean large.

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