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Start by flipping the laptop on its front cover. As you can see from mine, it's not difficult to scratch up the surface so I'd recommend putting a cloth or cupboard protector underneath

The first step is to remove the middle section housing the hard drive, wireless card, and ram

BEFORE YOU START - Make sure the battery is removed, and the unit is unplugged. It's also advised to wear an anti-static wrist strap or at least ground yourself

There are 5 anchored screws (they don't come all the way out) that need to be loosened

There is a small ridge just below the battery that helps in removing the cover. I used a spudger but if you don't have one, a small flathead screwdriver will work. Or a hard guitar pick.

Pry from the top - you'll notice small clips on the edges that hold it in place. They may require a little bit of force. Once you get to the bottom, just pull north as the clips on the bottom are larger.

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