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Inspect all electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board and replace any that are bulging or leaking.

On my board there were 2ea 2200uf capacitors that were bulging.

Remove the old capacitors ensuring you don't overheat or damage the copper pads/tracks on the circuit board

Take care to ensure you install the new capacitors correctly. They are polarity sensitive and the board and capacitors will be clearly marked which way they should be inserted.

You may want to check and replace any adjacent capacitors that are rated 10V as these seem to be the ones likely to fail.

In my case I also replaced the 1000uF capacitor

If you have a different model TV the layout of the power supply board may be different however the faulty capacitors should be easily identifiable.

If replacing the capacitors does not resolve your symptoms you may need to replace the eprom on the main board as it can be corrupted or damaged by the power cycling

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