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Waarschuwing: Je bewerkt een vooraf vereiste handleiding. Alle wijzigingen die je hierin maakt, beïnvloeden alle 5 handleidingen die deze stap bevatten.

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Locate the two plastic clips holding the bottom and back cover together.

Which clip you remove first is up to you. Rotate the device 90 degrees either left or right. Insert the flat end of a spudger horizontally between the back speaker and the back cover.

Place the flat end of the spudger behind one clip and pry it open. This may take repeated attempts.

This is the hardest step because the angle is awkward and the visibility is poor. If possible, have someone hold the device or provide lighting.

Once a clip has been removed, hold the bottom cover open so the clip will not fall back into place. One clip remains to be removed; you are almost there!

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