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Bewerken van stap 3 —

Waarschuwing: Je bewerkt nu een vooraf vereiste handleiding van de handleiding die je net bekeek. Alle wijzigingen die je hierin maakt, beïnvloeden alle 9 handleidingen die deze stap bevatten.

Stap type:

Sleep om te herschikken

Carefully pull apart the two parts of the exterior frame.

Use the spudger to pry apart the two frame components.

Once disconnected, the two parts of the frame can be easily separated by using your fingers.

The rear frame should be removed first.

There should be an O-ring on the front face of the camera. Ensure to keep the O-ring with the front part of the frame.

The orientation for the pictures is changed in order to properly show which piece is being removed.

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