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Generally, adhesives strips have a colored side and a non-colored (paper or clear plastic) side. The non-colored side of the strip should be applied first.

Before you peel any liners, locate the surface the non-colored side should stick to.

To make adhesive application easier, you can align the strip to its intended position on the phone, then tape one edge down to hold the strip in place. This will allow you to peel away the liners and expose the adhesive without losing alignment.

Once you have a good idea how the adhesive strip fits on the surface, peel the non-colored liner off.

If you are applying a back cover or screen adhesive, you may need to peel out the unnecessary center portion of the adhesive strip:

Carefully peel away the center portion of both the white (paper) and black (adhesive) layers, starting with the U-shaped cutout (if present).

Peel off and discard the remaining paper liner, exposing the adhesive underneath.

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