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Now you should test if the new mainboard helped (i.e. if it really was the source of the fault). Do NOT connect Ethernet cable at this point, otherwise the printer will not boot.

Connect a PS/2 keyboard and a VGA monitor to the mainboard. Then plug in the power cord to the printer and turn it on. The mainboard should beep and show BIOS logo. It will probably stop there and report corrupted CMOS settings (beause of the battery in Step 4).

Enter the BIOS (Delete or F1 key), and choose Save settings (second photo). This will set and save default CMOS settings and the mainboard will reboot itself. It then should fully boot into printer firmware (ASCII GUI similar to the third photo). Also, the small display at the front of the printer should work now.

If you encounter problems, keep in mind it's like troubleshooting an ordinary PC - check for loose cables/connectors, improperly seated components, bad power supply, faulty memory, BIOS errors etc.

The worst problem would be bad HDD, because it stores various calibration data for valves, rollers and other mechanical components which were uniquely tuned in the factory. I made a HDD image from one Zprinter 650 in Acronis, but it probably won't work very well in another printer.

Nevertheless, I'm willing to provide you with my HDD image if you really need it. Contact me in that case.

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