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Place some sort of pedestal on the ground, so the original mainboard wouldn't hang from the cables. I'm using a cardboard box in the photo.

Now you can review all the components you need to move to the new mainboard: 1. DDR memory stick (yellow arrow), 2. small Parallel ATA solid state hard drive (green arrow), 3. power supply converter and connector (purple arrow) and 4. white flat cable (blue arrow) for "power button" header.

Important! You must connect the white flat cable exactly as is shown in the second photo, otherwise signal from the printer will not be able to boot up the mainboard! Also, be sure to put the hard drive into the correct ATA slot.

If you can, make an image from the hard drive (see Step 8 as to why). You will need another PC with ATA slot and HDD imaging software for this task, because there are several different partitions on in. The drive is powered via thin cable from Molex connector, so you will need to borrow it from the printer. The drive has only 64 MB capacity.

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