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If you confirmed you have bad mainboard and bought a new one, you need to prepare it first.

Firstly, preventively replace the original fan - as I said in introduction, it may fail in a few months. Don't try to skimp here, use the best fluid dynamic bearing fan you can get! I'm using Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX in the photo, but any other 40x40x10 mm fan with 12V 3-pin connector will do. Don't forget to connect the fan cable.

Secondly, preventively replace the original CMOS battery (CR2032 type). The mainboard sat in a warehouse for 8 or more years by now, so the original battery will be dead anyway.

I've seen a variant of the mainboard which had no CPU fan at all. In that case you must add a fan on it, otherwise the CPU will overheat and burn out!

Mainboards produced at different dates use different screws for the CPU fan, so you may encounter some difficulties there. If that happens, you may need to buy 2.5x15 mm wood screws or M2.5x15 screws with washers.

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