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Now you can add the pistol grip to the gearbox of the gun.

Make sure the wiring is going threw the two medium sized holes. With red wire coming out of the front hole and the black wire coming out of the rear hole.

Make sure that none of the wiring is caught between the bottom of the gearbox and inner top section of the pistol grip.

Now add the grip screws which are black with wide round head. There are only two of them despite having 4 screw holes. Just make sure the screws are diagonal to each other like in first picture and then screw them down tightly and evenly.

You may find it easier to add the screws to the grip before sliding it on the gearbox.

Now crease red wire as shown in the second picture so that the wire will be coming up from the back of the grip. Forgetting to add this crease is a really common mistake.

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