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Now the gears can be placed in the gearbox.

Once again try not to lose the shim placement on the gears.

The first gear to place back in the gearbox is the spur gear (the large round gear)

Next comes the Sector gear which has a half set of teeth and place it with the post shown in the 2 O'clock position

Next grab the anti-reversal latch and spring and fit them together with the loop of the spring going on the long post and hook section on on arm part. Then place them in the hole shown.

Keep The anti-reversal latch poled back so that you can place the bevel gear in position. The Bevel Gear is the on with the G&G logo on it.

Make sure the anti-reversal latch and trigger will not pop out of position by adjusting how the spring pushes against the gearbox wall.

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