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Remove the timing bar and crankshaft stopper.

Using the 18mm bolt on the crankshaft, rotate the engine 2 complete revolutions.

When you get close to the second complete revolution, reinsert the stopper pin. See Step #22.

Rotate the crankshaft until it hits the stopper pin.

Attempt to reinsert the timing bar. If it slides right in, your engine is 100% in time! Congratulations! Go ahead and try this check again in any multiple of 2 complete rotations just to be triple sure.

If the bar does not slide in, and both camshafts are off: First ensure you are at TDC. If you are, follow the procedure to reloosen the camshaft sprockets, adjust them, and retorque them. Repeat this process until you can rotate the engine two complete revolutions, hit the stopper, and have the bar slide right in.

Failure to ensure proper timing could cause permanent engine damage. Take the time to follow each step again as precisely as possible.

If the bar does not slide in, and only the intake camshaft is off, your VCT gear may have to be timed independently. See the next step for more information on this.

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