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After putting the harmonic balancer pulley back on (you do not have to torque it down), use the 18mm bolt and a wrench to turn the engine clockwise. The engine should move with relative ease, if it does not move ensure that the car is in neutral. Do not use excess force!

You may want to rest a wooden dowel in the spark plug hole of piston #1 to observe its movement

You will reach TDC when piston #1 is at its highest point and the exhaust valve is just about to open

This will occur once every two complete revolutions of the motor

When you are at TDC, the timing bar should slide into the slot in both camshafts

Since this is a 4 stroke engine, there are two times when piston #1 will be at its highest point. To be at TDC, we must use the intake stroke

During the compression stroke, the intake valve will have just closed. This is not TDC. The timing bar will not fit

If you overshoot TDC do not rotate the engine counterclockwise. Turn the engine two complete revolutions clockwise

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